Kavach Edu

Kavach-Edu for educating Girls – A lifeline to progress

For today’s generation to be truly atmanirbhar, education is a critical step. This applies not only to
boys but girls as well.
The rate at which girls are dropping out of secondary school is alarming. This puts an end to her
dreams and her wings are clipped even before she attempts to fly.
Girls face serious barriers such as cultural bias and lack of safety & awareness and these challenges
can compound as girls transition into secondary school.
The essential reasons for dropouts include increased school costs, the need to contribute to the
family income, doing the house-hold chores and pressures to marry & begin a family.

Kavach Edu – Recognising a need

One of the most important investments we can make is ensuring that girls are able to stay in school,
advocate for themselves and navigate life's most difficult decisions. Whether or not a girl stays in
school has an astounding effect on not only her quality of life but on her future family as well.

Collaboration with Government officials at the local & regional levels to support girls in
schools and close the gender equality gap.

Distribution of Self-Study Package, free aptitude test and career guidance to girls in 8 th , 9 th
and 10 th grade.

Kavach – A Movement


Kavach Ki Kahaniyaan

With your support, we can scale faster and transform communities across the country. The cost of each “Kavach Edu-kit” is Rs. 1500/- for a year.