Kavach Janini

Kavach Janini

Janini was born as a concept during Covid-19 when we realised during our safety programs that new
mothers and infants in government hospitals were sadly neglected by their family due to the
lockdown and Covid-19 scare.
These poor mothers had no help for themselves or their new-borns.

The Vajreshwari Project

With a dream and focus to uplift one community at a time, we’ve adopted the Vajreshwari Tribal
District on the outskirts of Mumbai. Through Kavach Janini, we have also reached out to many new
mothers and have guided them on health, sanitation, and hygiene.
We hope to adopt more districts in the future.

Highlights of Kavach Janini

Collaboration with Government officials at the local & regional levels to support new
mothers in government hospitals and rural areas.

Distribution of Kavach Janini Package to 1000 new mothers

Kavach – A Movement


Kavach Ki Kahaniyaan

With your support, we can scale faster and help new mothers across the country. The cost of each “Kavach Janini-Kit” is Rs. 1000