Covid-19 Impact

Kavach Care Packets

The Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust provided communities with grocery kits, sanitizers, etc.,
especially outside their public toilets and cotton masks which have now become the most essential
items during these testing times.

Kavach Kits

While low income communities were helped by various organizations and NGO’s for food, grocery
and medical services, menstrual hygiene was a quiet omission. Considered as a luxury in our country,
sanitary napkins are not high on the purchase list anyways and specially not during a lockdown.
In the light of the above, we distributed 5000 (Five Thousand) packets of sanitary napkins to the
women and girls in the slums of the “K” ward of the MCGM.

Other Highlights

Awareness campaigns on Covid-19 among 25 public toilet attendants and cleaners imparting the
importance of maintaining health and social distancing during such times.
Face mask and hand sanitizers distribution to 200 public toilet attendants and children living on
We made maximum efforts to reach out and provide help to the communities in Geeta Nagar, Murti
Nagar, Shivshakti Nagar dhobhi ghat, badhwar park, ambedkar nagar Colaba and other different
areas of Mumbai.

Kavach – A Movement

Be a Kavach Protector

Be a Kavach Protectors …….Come join, support and help us reach many more.
It is in situations like these that Humanity comes out in all its forms. Only Humanity can save
Humans. You can join the fight against CORONA from your homes.
If you wish to donate some products, groceries or any kind of material which can be useful for
someone to get through this epidemic and survive WE can arrange a Pickup. A small token from your
side will bring a smile on some faces, will fill some empty stomachs, and will keep them safe from
getting infected.

Kavach – A Movement

Distribution of:

1 month ration distribution the 1146 families of daily wagers, transgenders etc who
currently out of job due to lockdown. The ration includes rice, flour, oil, spices, biscuits,
sugar, tea and sanitary pads.
 10000 packets of sanitary pads in K ward and other slums of Mumbai
 300 bottles of sanitizers in slums of Colaba, Andheri and Kandivali
 200 bottles of sanitizers to police on duty on various locations
 2000 masks to the staff of education department (BMC)
 4000 masks in the Schools at Vajreshwari