“Kavach – A Movement – An Armour for Sanitation,creates the right kind of sexuality and hygiene awareness amongst the young adolescents. We are a Project under Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust that wishes to undo all the stigma related to a woman’s Menstruation”

A fledgling project by the Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust, KAVACH aims to educate and provide the necessary utilities to protect the girl child from sexual diseases, reproductive diseases, assaults, disorientation and ignorance.

Our objective is to make the girls as aware as we can about overall hygiene, genital care and sex education. Over the past several years, we have carried out various workshops across Mumbai and other towns and cities,educating children, especially girls on the necessary hygiene techniques, sexual orientation and safety.

As our interactions with these girls grew, we understood that what we are addressing is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more work to be done if we want these girls to embrace a full life.

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