About us

“Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special.” | George R. Bach

Sometimes all one needs to do to make a difference is just care.
Care enough to change the status quo.
Care enough to open the heart and give.
Care enough to plant seeds of hope.
Care enough for women and girls to provide them with a ‘Kavach’

Kavach, meaning protection was a movement initiated by Ms. Bharati Trivedi in 2017, when she
unwittingly discovered, that most girls in municipal/ state run schools do not own something as
basic as underwear!
On further research, she realized that for lower strata’s of society, owning underwear, considered a
basic necessity by most, is in reality, a luxury for these girls and women.
The seed of thought did not stop there. With underwear came health, hygiene, and sanitation
Thus, Kavach a Movement was born.


Our Mission is to enable young girls and women to become more vibrant and dynamic by educating and engaging them in initiatives directed at intimate health and hygiene, thereby helping women help themselves.


Our Vision is an inclusive society where women and children are health-literate, vibrant, dynamic and have a high self-esteem.

The Nurturing Minds Trust

Born under the aegis of the Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust, this project is spearheaded by
Managing Trustee, Ms. Bharati Trivedi, the Nurturing Minds Board of Trustees and Staff.
A force to reckon with, Ms. Bharati Trivedi has been a sex educator for more than 10 years. She is a
graphologist, handwriting/logo analyst, counsellor, psychologist, overseas career counsellor and
much more.
Her main aim in life has been to nurture young minds, which is evident in the many roles she plays.
The Nurturing Minds Trust was founded in 2016 with the vision of ‘Nurturing the Society ‘.
The core objective of the Trust is to work towards the Relief of the poor, Education, Medical Relief
and Advancement of any other object of general public utility and services through activities that are
not for profit.
In terms of the above chartered purposes, the trust also undertakes CSR initiatives for Corporates,
Companies, Institutions, Associations and other legal entities.
One of the various interventions of the Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust is ‘Sexuality and Safety
program ‘implemented in schools and NGOs for 3 years to 18 years plus.
It covers issues such as Safe Touch Unsafe Touch, Sexual Abuse, Good Hygiene, Changes at
Adolescence in boys & girls, Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology and Menstruation.


Kavach is now an independent project under the Nurturing Minds Trust and is further divided into 3

Kavach – A Movement for sanitation awareness and health care

Kavach Janini for new mothers and their new-born

Kavach Edu for educating children

Kavach – A Movement

Our People

Bharati K Trivedi

Bharati K Trivedi is a consultant child and adult psychologist, career counsellor, practicing
graphologist, signature and logo analyst, personal counsellor and a Sexuality-educator for children,
pre-teens and teens. Ms.Bharati originally hails from the hill-town of Panchgani. Her husband, Kumar
Trivedi, is a practicing lawyer in Mumbai. She is the mother of two grown up boys. Ms.Bharati set up
Nurturing Minds in 2012 with a goal to enhance, develop, educate and enlighten professionals,
individuals, young adults and children by reaching out at various levels. She is also an Indian and
International Career Counsellor and has helped many students choose right career paths. Being a
graphologist and a logo analyst, Ms.Bharati has also successfully helped many businesses &
entrepreneurs with their logos

Ms. Ketki Sanghavi

Ms. Ketki Sanghavi, has completed her master’s in social work and has over a decade of experience
of working on child sexual abuse and child protection issues. She is a trained dance movement
therapist, somatic healer and a graphologist. She is a consultant for Sexuality Education Awareness
and other similar programs for pre-teens and teens. She has dedicatedly worked towards spreading
awareness and reaching out to people in need for help with their mental wellness in various ways.
She is a mother of two naughty kids and avid reader.

Our Journey

Kumar Trivedi is a practicing Advocate at the Hon’ble Bombay High Court for the last over 28
years. Apart from advisory work in real estate matters, he practices in all Courts pan-India and
also attends to arbitrations, litigation & other matters pan-India.
He is a former partner of the Law Firm M/s Crawford Bayley & Co. He has dealt with many
complex matters for multinational & Indian Corporates.

Sangeeta Mehta originally hails from Panchgani and is Home Science graduate who is now an
entrepreneur functioning under the name “Srujan Harmony”. Her outfit works together with
NASEOH (an Institute for specially abled persons) in making & sale of Newspaper bags, Brown
paper bags, Cotton bags, Canvas bags, Nylon bags & much more – thus “Srujan Harmony” &
NASEOH work together for a cause…..

Dr. Sonal Patel (B.H.M.S, F.C.A.H.) is a certified nutritionist practicing in south Mumbai and
Kandivali for the last over 20 years now. She has also learnt REBT and CBT, all of which add
to her medical expertise. She gives honorary service at Prempuri Ashram. Passionate about
health and well being, she is always ready to learn new systems & ways to heal & nurture
her patients applying different approaches in practise. She also delivers talks on health and
hygiene to many underprivileged. Recently, she worked at the NSCI Dome Covid-19 center
as a volunteer and has also distributed immuno booster homoeopathic medicines to police
men, slums dwellers and health workers. She has also successfully treated around 150
Covid-19 affected patients with homoeopathy.