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Kavach A Movement

Kavach - A Movement - An Armour for Sanitation,creates the right kind of sexuality and hygiene awareness amongst the young adolescents. We are a Project under Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust that wishes to undo all the stigma related to a woman's Menstruation

A fledgling project by the Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust, KAVACH aims to educate and provide the necessary utilities to protect the girl child from sexual diseases, reproductive diseases, assaults, disorientation and ignorance.

Our objective is to make the girls as aware as we can about overall hygiene, genital care and sex education. Over the past several years, we have carried out various workshops across Mumbai and other towns and cities,educating children, especially girls on the necessary hygiene techniques, sexual orientation and safety.

As our interactions with these girls grew, we understood that what we are addressing is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more work to be done if we want these girls to embrace a full life.

Our Vision

The vision of the project is to introduce to the young adults their sexuality both anatomically and psychologically and foster appropriate change management in this crucial formative stage.

To increase awareness among adolescent girls and boys studying in Schools on changes occurring during adolescent phase and provide knowledge and information on genital hygiene in the forthcoming years..

To ensure access to menstrual hygiene products for effective menstrual hygiene management for adolescent girls. To create an adequate support system by providing awareness and correct knowledge to other stakeholders including parents, school teachers and staff.

To distribute the Kavach Kits and conducted the sexual awareness program all over India.

“After every orientation program, the reaction of the kids and the kind of gratitude they express either through words or hugs is priceless!”

Need for Kavach

Not only do undergarments make one feel confident and less vulnerable, they also provide protection from rashes, bad touch and sexual diseases. Unfortunately, the rural areas and city slums been have ignoring the need for it since decades.

Menstruation is a natural, normal biological process experienced by all adolescent girls and women, yet it is not spoken about openly causing unnecessary shame and embarrassment. India's 113 million adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable at the onset of menarche. The taboo surrounding the issue prevents them from voicing their needs and problems. Structural and material gaps such as lack of clean toilet with water supply, access to enstrual hygiene products and even mechanisms for safe disposal of products etc. augments the problem.

This leads to the following problems:
○ Around 70% of reproductive diseases are due to lack of proper menstrual hygiene.
○ Girls are forced to drop out of school due to menstruation and menstrual sicknesses.
○ Lack of proper sanitary pads makes them either sit at one place in infected clothes or use tree saps, leaves or cloth that are unsafe.

As lecturers on sexuality, hygiene and self-care, we realised we had to do more than just give a lecture. We had to go one step further and provide for the necessities that are missing…

Our Donors

Our flagship project “Kavach – A Movement” has, till date, been recognized and supported by Corporates, Charitable Trusts and several individuals. Just to name a few –

1. Tata Motors (CSR)
2. Pirojsha Godrej Foundation
3. Aditya Birla Education Trust
4. Mahindra Logistics Limited
5. Sobha Limited
6. Lions Club of Bombay Vile Parle
7. Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview
8. SGM Foundation
9. SPA Trust

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